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hotels in lucknow

Fida -E-Awadh



Thumari in Kathak, Kajari in Sawan, Gaane me Tabla ki thaap and Pahele Aap is the Identity of Lucknow. Art in the air of The city of Tehzeeb .which gives the message of brotherhood. the one who comes here never want to go back..The Language is such a sweet that attract peoples. from daliganj to Hazaratganj & from Alambagh to dalibagh says its story in its natural way. Rumi Gate & Imambada is the best example of Excellence where kathak is Identity of Lucknow. Best Awadhi diet in food for food lovers. The scent of Biryani attract the foodies here again and again. n where who have Chowk tea will have it there only. The moon of the old temple of Hanuman ji in Aliganj indicates Tehzeeb of Ganga Ji & the statue of women of Begum Mahal park shows excellence example of women empowerment…I am proud to live in Lucknow & Lucknow is mine n am of Lucknow